Biting World Cup 2014: What Happens to Luis Suarez on Saturday?



Biting Star Luis Suarez Faces Media Bash

The stunned world has seen the World Cup Uruguay star player Luis Suarez biting like a pre-teenager his opponent and winning a goal for his team but more than that big shame.

It was a do-or-die match on Tuesday, but the Uruguayan superstar poked out his teeth to bite the shoulder of Italian defender Giogio Chiellini in the 80th minute, effectively silencing him to score a goal that was allowed by referee to go and win the shameful match for Uruguay.

What happens to Suarez now?

Here are some pointers on what it could lead to:

— Suarez could be being kicked out of the World Cup.

— FIFA may allow Uruguay to continue playing, but will probe and suspend Suarez, who was twice in the past disciplined for biting opponents.

— The FIFA investigation was announced on Wednesday, seeking the Urguayan to reply. A ruling will be announced before Uruguay takes on Colombia on Saturday.

— Suarez now says Chiellini had hit him in the eye during the game. More than that, he says Chelliani had thrust his should into his mouth to bite and not the other way. “These are things that happen on the pitch, we were both in the area, he thrust his shoulder into me,” Suarez said in Spanish. “These things happen on the pitch,” brushing it aside as of no importance.

Suarez, 27, who plays for Liverpool, won the scoring title and was named English Premier League’s player of the year.

Suarez was suspended for biting incidents in the Netherlands 2010 and in England in 2013.


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