BITCOIN May Have Been Hacked by Now, Hints Wikileaks



Italian spying software vendor Hacking Team may have been hacked as more than 400-GB files, including those tracking the Bitcoin data mine, have been made public in Wikileaks.

Tech magazine Ars Technica said about 400GB of files have been released as part of a massive hackon Hacking Team software Money Module that targets cryptocurrency wallets and files.

The Money Module enables users, especially government agencies, to track and trace not merely Bitcoin transactions, but also other virtual currency dealings including Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Namecoin. Money Module targets a particular file called wallet.dat to collect passwords whenever the user accesses the Bitcoins account.

Hacking Team clients include Governments, enabling governments all over to keep a tab on virtual currency transactions henceforth, says Ars Technica. However, security experts are apprehensive that the software may be misused for other hacking bids.

Currently, Bitcoin price is hovering around $250 for the last three months, though it jumped last weekend owing to Greek vote and dropped following the announcement that Eurozone leaders over an agreement for a third bailout for Greece.

hteamBanks in Chorus against Bitcoin

The Bundesbank has become the latest central bank to warn about the risks of Bitcoin, after the US Fed gave out 5 tips on avoiding virtual currency or precautions before investing in such currencies including BITCOIN.

Carl-Ludwig Thiele, a board member of Germany’s central bank, told the newspaper Handelsblatt that Bitcoins were “highly speculative” due to their high volatility and the way they were constructed.“There is no state guarantee for Bitcoins and investors could lose all their money. The Bundesbank is warning emphatically about these risks,” he said.

Mr Thiele added that central bankers and regulators in Europe were increasingly discussing the Bitcoin phenomenon, though their efforts had so far stopped at warning people over the “enormous” speculation risks the currency posed.


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