Binny Likely to Contest against Former AAP Chief Kejriwal in Delhi

After being expelled from the Aam Aadmi Party months ago, Vinod Kumar Binny is actively back in Delhi for contesting in election against his former party chief Arvind Kejriwal.

Though he has not yet declared from which constituency he will contest from, chances are high for him to contest from New Delhi Assembly. Binny has contested from Laxmi Nagar assembly seat for the last election and has been won as MLA. He has contested against Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia of Indian National Congress and has won with a majority of about 8,000 votes.

Binny has pointed fingers against AAP administration after they came into power in December 2013 and has criticised the government raising his voice alleging that the government has betrayed people in Delhi. He accused AAP for straying from principles.

Binny has criticised that the party has been an utter failure to bring ‘Swaraj’ not only within the party but also to the entire country. After he stood against the party, he was expelled from the party in a disciplinary action in January 2014, where his party membership too got terminated.

Claiming the contest as an ideological war rather than a personal war with Kejriwal, Binny reportedly said to a leading media, "It’s an ideological battle with Arvind Kejriwal and AAP, who fooled voters in Delhi with false promises and hopes. Earlier too, I had questioned the party but faced the consequences.”

Binny, who was a two-term Municipal Corporation of Delhi corporator, has attacked the party regarding Jan Lokpal Bill, claiming, “The Jan Lokpal draft was not ready with them, so its implementation was out of question. It was all drama that Kejriwal and his team staged before the public, and they are quite proficient in this art.”

Meanwhile, Binny alleged that the party follows ‘use and throw’ policy and claimed the same as a reason for many leaders and members leaving the party.

On the contrary, the party said that they are not bothered about Binny contesting the election. The party reportedly said, “Binny is not a threat to AAP.”

In regard to Binny’s expulsion from the party, one of the AAP leaders reportedly said, “It was the disciplinary committee’s decision to sack Binny for publicly making false statements against the party and its leadership, thereby bringing disrepute to the party. It wasn’t an individual’s decision. He started levelling allegations because he wasn’t made a minister.”

Amid, as per reports, AAP’s former National Executive member, Surajit Dasgupta, said, “Binny is a career politician and Kejriwal is insecure of both ambitious and talented people in the party. But I don’t think, he can dent Kejriwal’s chances in an upmarket constituency like New Delhi. He has a better appeal in relatively backward areas in East Delhi.”

However, he said, “On the contrary, in downmarket pockets, by winning a few thousand AAP votes in his favour, he may prove beneficial for the BJP candidate.”

Meanwhile Binny has clarified that neither him nor BJP contacted for an alliance. He said, “Any kind of alliance with the BJP depends on their agenda and issues.”

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