Bihar Paan Seller Offers Beeda Plus Free Condom to Spread AIDS Awareness

In a unique way to send across the message of population control in a highly populated state of Bihar, a paan seller has been offering his customers a free condom with each betel leaf or paan beeda.

“I have been giving free condoms to all those who visit my shop for paan. Free condoms offer attracts many and it also help to create awareness about population control,” said Nandlal Sah of Katihar district, runs his stall in Phalka bazaar.

Sah said: “It is my small effort or contribution to help population control.” He said he gets condoms from some NGOs, medical representatives and others for free distribution. “But some time I have to purchase condoms after I failed to get condoms from NGOs or medical representatives on time.”

Free distribution of condom also “boosted my paan business as some people consume paan for free condom”, Sah added. “I have also persuaded nearly 300 women for sterilisation till date,” he claimed.

Bihar, one of the most densely populated states in India, is struggling to end population growth and the the Bihar government two years ago launched a major initiative to stabilise population and train adolescents on family planning.


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  1. Sujay Rao Mandavilli

    Dear Mr Narendra Modi,
    Whatever you do please take population control seriously- this will destroy whatever good you are doing
    (a) There is a highly skewed TFR or birth rate across states and districts- this is not in the interests of communal harmony and national integration- this can prove disastrous to India in the long run.
    (b) Controlling population is one of the key elements of combatting global warming. – All your other initiatives will come to nought if you don’t address this point.
    (c) india is particularly vulnerable to the ill effects of global warming

    The PM must make Ladli laxmi a role model for India. No incentives must be allowed beyond the 2nd child and extra incentives for sterilization after the first child if it is a girl child.
    I strongly suggest a birth control campaign be launched –explaining the importance of family planning to the people – please integrate this with your scheme.
    One more option is to provide a one time social security for parents with one or two girl children like an LIC Jeevan Akshay scheme (no eligibility for parents with more than two children.

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli
    Life time member, National population control mission of India

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