Bigg Boss Season 8: Evicted Puneet Issar is Back Again as Bigg Boss Pardons Him

Bigg Boss 8 is again seeing the return of evicted inmates return the way it happened last time in series 7, many times against the wishes of the host Salman Khan. But this time, Bigg Boss pardons him and allows him back in the house.

The Wednesday night’s episode showed the sudden eviction of Puneet Issar when he pushed Arya while undertaking the task of building blocks and turning the wheels. The ground rule is that when a team is performing the task, the other should disturb them or distract them but no violence.

But the task turned volatile when Arya tried to stop the wheel of the opponent team of Puneet and was pushed aside badly by Puneet that led to a fight in the house, forcing the Bigg Boss to cancel the task. Puneet Issar was evicted from the house immediately.

But, as it always is the case with Kushal returning last time, so is Puneet Issar this time and that too quickly. So, Puneet will return to the house on Thursday and the reason was that he realized his mistake and apologized to Bigg Boss for his violent behavior of pushing Arya in between the task.

Bigg Boss in tonight’s show will accept his apology and allow him to join the Big Boss 8 House again, leaving other inmates in the house surprised to see him back. And how many of them will be happy and how does arya react tonight?

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