Big Bazaar to Provide Rs.2000 Cash Withdrawal on Debit Card Now

After some pterol bunks were put into operation for dispensing Rs.2000 cash, retail major Big Bazaar will offer cash dispensation to ease the cash crunch in India. But only debit cards will be allowed.

The State Bank of India said it has tied up with 260 stores of Big Bazaar and set up mini-ATMs to help customers withdraw with effect from November 24 (Thursday).

Big bazaar CEO Kishore Biyani tweeted:”Now one can withdraw 2000rs from bigbazaar using your debit card from this Thursday onwards.”

Though the government had permitted withdrawal of cash from petrol pumps through debit cards, the process failed to take off with Rs.2000 being available while people were in need of Rs.100 to do their shopping.

It may be noted that after November 24, the exchange of old notes for petrol will end. ATMs are now dispensing Rs.2000 notes only while Rs.100 notes are almost extinct while they are more in demand by the middle class and poorer sections.

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