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Bieber dyed his hair to impress ex-girlfriend Gomez ?

Singer Justin Bieber has apparently dyed his hair platinum blonde to impress his former girlfriend Selena Gomez as she used to encourage him to lighten his locks when they were together, reports said.

“Selena has been telling Justin to highlight his hair for the past year. He was always resistant to the idea so she thinks it’s strange that he would decide to dye his hair now. She’s surprised how blonde he went,” a source told Hollwoodlife.

The on-and-off couple broke up earlier in 2014 and Bieber, 20, has been desperate to win back his former flame back, despite the gestures failing to impress his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend.

“Selena thinks Justin is trying to get her attention for sure. But if he wants to get back with her, he needs to try a lot harder than just getting his hair dyed,” the source added.(IANS)

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