Beware of Just Dial

When a consumer of Whirlpool refrigerator faced no-cooling problem, she called Just Dial in faith in superstar Amitabh Bachchan who sponsors it.

She was promptly sent a serviceman from Nanditha Electronics who claimed that he is a franchisee for Whirlpool and he charged Rs.2,200 to change the so-called timer to correct the problem. Within a week, the problem re-surfaced and when she called the serviceman, he refused to answer the call.

When Whirlpool was contacted directly without Just Dial help, their engineer visited the place and said the problem was in gas and recommended re-filling it. So, the hapless consumer of Whirlpool refrigerator had to cough up another Rs.3,600 to get it repaired.

While Whirlpool refused to own any responsibility for the faux-pas, the local repair shop which had sent the person to repair the fridge refused to visit again or after two calls, refused to answer it even.

The problem is with several consumer durables repairmen who are cheating the consumers and they reportedly pay mere Rs.500 to Just Dial to get their names recommended to hapless consumers. In fact, one call to Just Dial ends up in several calls, which are not reliable. (See more consumer complaints against Just Dial here)

Ever since Just Dial raised private equity worth hundreds of crores of rupees couple of years ago, the trend is to pass on unverified repairmen to consumers’ houses and carry out repairs in the name of branded consumer durables. Is thee any alternative to consumers?

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