Beware of Health Apps! Time to check, Certify, say scientists

In view of the rising abundance of mobile health apps, a team of scientists and doctors have called for an objective review and certification process of mobile heath Apps that are not regulated by the government and available for free or paid downloads.

In an article titled ‘In Search of a Few Good Apps’ published in the journal JAMA, they said, the article gives health care providers, patients, policymakers and mobile health app developers a perspective on how the issue of determining which Apps are most useful might be addressed.

David Bates, chief quality officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) said, “Establishing an unbiased review and certification process is a key step in helping mHealth apps achieve their potential.”

The authors suggested that multiple organisations could be created to review and objectively certify mHealth apps for quality, accuracy, security and safety.

The process would help physicians to confidently prescribe the right health Apps, they said.(IANS)

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