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Beware of Debit/Credit Card Fraud Calls Using SBI Name (Listen to Audio)

Beware of bank fraud calls, especially, when the coercive lady voice in typical Delhi-ite Hindi says that she is calling you from the SBI, State Bank of India and asks you details about your debit or credit card details and address. These calls go to especially those whose credit cards are expiring and they use the bank name depending on which bank has issued the card to you.

She will give you the last four numbers of your card and asks you to give out other numbers. Sometimes, she may ask you to share the three-digit security code on the reverse of the bank. She will ask you to give the new address where the new card will be sent. Gullible people, as many of us are, do give out since it is not suspicious.

Once you give, before the expiry of your card, you will see huge amounts gone from your credit card. You may think that you can hold the transaction, but, alas! Banks like HDFC do not entertain such requests or the complaint call on credit will not work or it may get disconnected citing some fictitious reason.

Once your money is gone, it is not easy to get back. In a huge country like ours, it is far more difficult. Banks merely warn you on their opening page about the frauds and wish to shirk their responsibility. And RBI will insist that you approach the concerned bank, make a complaint and wait for a month and then give a complaint to the regulating bank.

So, where do you stand in the whole world beset with frauds and unfriendly banks with poor communication facilities? Before you fall a victim, listen to the fraud call received by someone, who is smarter and was able to get over the hook.

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