Beam Messenger: Watch your friends type out messages but long queue for App now

Imagine if you could read as your girlfriend types, deletes or rewrites a reply to your message. With this new app, there is no hiding the emotions that you pour into your messages and the app Beam Messenger, currently unavailable owing to huge rush is the answer.

“This is the closest you will get to having a verbal conversation in a messaging app”, says its download page on Google Play.

Unlike traditional texting apps, the app developed by the Toronto-based Propulsion Lab shows both participants in a conversation what the other party is writing.

“Beam Messenger is a first of its kind ‘True Real Time’ communications app. It allows for instant typing and transmission of text. Erase messages in real time or interrupt your friend to say ‘you have heard the story before!'” the post of the company’s website read.


“Every character, every deleted character, every single pause, in real time. Right there in the palm of your hand,” it added.

Beam Messenger is free for Android users but currently it is not available right away. When you click the homepage, it takes you to the message saying:

“We are still in beta and our server wasn’t ready for the huge uptick in users. So we have decided to temporarily close off new signups, in order to quickly upgrade the infrastructure, and allow existing people on Beam to chat without issues.”

It said further, “We will start opening up signups in batches, shortly. Until we feel that the server can handle being open to all.

However, the page asks visitors to sign up first and be in the queue to be included the invite list for Beam. – The Beam Team (6:21 PM EST / Nov 14, 2014)”

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