Barcelona signs Aleix Vidal, former Sevillan to stay until 2020

Barcelona has just done history by winning the treble – Spanish La Liga, Copa Del Rey and UEFA Champion’s League for a second time. But there is no resting for the Catalan giants as they’ve recruited Sevilla’s Aleix Vidal until 2020.

Vidal won the Europa League with Sevilla, last month after the Spanish club defeated their Ukrainian counterpart, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, 3-2 in the final to clinch their record fourth title.

Dani Alves who played his last match with Barcelona on Saturday champion’s league final against Juventus is all set to leave the Catalans this summer. The departure will see an end of a long 7 year run that the Brazilian started in 2008.

Since being presented as a Barcelona player yesterday, Vidal has widely been held by media as the “new Dani Alves.”

Call it coincidence, as reported by MailOnline, Alves also commenced his Barca journey when he was signed from Sevilla.

Vidal will be expected to replace Alves as the right wing back, cooperating Messi in his furious runs from the right to the penalty box, tackling more than three midfielders simultaneously.

However, the job is quite demanding owing to Alves being hailed as the greatest winger in the Spanish club’s history.

In the same report by MailOnline, it is said that Vidal used to be a Catalan when he played for the club as a kid. This raises hope of the newbie being accustomed to their style of playing. Sure he has to adjust a lot, but being a player whose forte is playing as a winger success could rightly be sensed.

Owing to the FIFA transfer ban on Barcelona, Vidal sums up to be the only signee for them before their presidential elections start. The same report says that Joan Laporta is expected to contest against the ongoing president Josep Bartomeu.

The ban will be keeping Vidal from taking part in any competitive matches with Barcelona except friendlies until January.

With the time serving to provide Vidal enough rest, he could come off fresh and produce some great results.

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