Bangladesh supporters attack known Sachin Tendulkar fan in Dhaka

Expectations burdened on Bangladesh’s shoulders as they took on India in the one-off Test and three ODI series. Although they were considered to be “underdogs” before two-time world champions, India their recent performance showed potentiality.

Rain halted the one-off Test match, but ever since the ODI series commenced last week, Bangladesh has proved that they have got what it takes.

With Sunday’s fantastic win against India, Bangladesh sealed the deal and won the ODI series, receiving appreciation from every nook and cranny of the world.

However, their fans’ behavior is definitely not appreciating.

Sudhir Gautam, India’s super cricket fan was attacked by Bangladeshi supporters in Dhaka after the first ODI.

The supporters attacked and pelted Gautam’s auto rickshaw in Dhaka. After two policemen came to his rescue and helped him board the auto rickshaw, Bangladeshi supporters pelted stones again, and this time directly at him.

They didn’t stop there as they went onto tear off the auto rickshaw’s cover as well.

Gautam told ABPLive that this attack marked a revenge on Bangladesh’s loss to India in the quarter finals of this year’s World Cup.

Sudhir Gautam is known for the tri color paint he flaunts on his body in support for Team India. More than the team he is a fan of Indian legend, Sachin Tendulkar. His blind support for the team sees him travel all around the globe wherever the team goes to hoot for them. He carries an Indian flag in his hands, and can be seen waving it during the match.

Gautam’s crazy journey of following Team India everywhere, started in 2003 when he cycled for21 days to reach Mumbai from his hometown, Muzaffarpur in Bihar simply to watch Tendulkar play against Australia.
More than a fan he has become a celebratory now. In 2011 after India won the World Cup, defeating Sri Lanka Gautam was called by Tendulkar himself to join the winning team in the dressing room. Gautam lifted the cup and even posed for pictures with it alongside Tendulkar.

A documentary namely “Beyond all boundaries,” directed by Sushrut Jain, has shown Gautam as one of the three protagonists.

After 2009, BBCI has sponsored Sudhir for all the Indian cricket matches.

The attack on Sudhir was sad and shameful on part of the Bangladeshi supporters and it definitely steals the good light that Bangladesh cricket team has shown from their superb performances.

Here are some tweets showing public’s rage after after Sudhir Gautam was attacked.


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