Bangalore’s Microsoft Appfest 18-hour coding marathon enters Guinness record

Microsoft’s Bangalore AppFest held on Friday will enter the Guinness Book of World Records after a marathon coding by 2,567 software developers. This is the first time so many developers participated in software development at a time. Microsoft is planning to release its Windows 8 in October and the apps developers’ marathon will create a good chunk of apps for users once the software is released.

Brandpon LeBlanc of Micrsoft and organiser of the event was elated after the event. “I am incredibly excited to see what kinds of apps developers build for Windows. I make it a habit to regularly check the Windows Store for new and interesting apps,” he said.

In the last one year, 750 Windows developer events were held in about 50 countries worldwide and more than 200,000 developers have attended these events, LeBlanc wrote on his blog. Microsoft windows 8 is to be released for the “general availability” on October 26.

The event on Friday was attended by thousands of developers from all over the country and some from abroad who were given an opportunity to come together to build apps and network with Microsoft programmers and design specialists. They were also given guidance in preparation of apps for certification and submit them for the Windows Store. Next event of BUILD, as the event is called, will be held in Seattle.

Last week, Microsoft opened its AppFest to all developers in 120 markets. Developers can go to the Windows Store Dashboard on the Windows Dev Center and sign up.

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