Bangalore firm to supply airframe assemblies for Bell copter

Gangalore-based Dynamatic Technologies on Wednesday said it would supply airframe assemblies for the two new models of American rotorcraft maker Bell Helicopter and Textron Systems.

"We have signed a seven-year global agreement with Bell and Textron to become their single source supplier of major airframe assemblies for their new chopper models Bell 407 GX and 407 GT, a four-blade, single engine civil utility helicopter," the company said in a statement.

Dynamatic Technologies designs and builds products for automotive, aeronautic, hydraulic and security applications from its production facilities across India and in Britain and Germany.

The agreement, with an option to extend through the life of the product, comes two years after Bell and Textron agreed in 2012 to explore business opportunities with Dynamatic for producing its 407 model airframe assemblies.

"The agreement represents a milestone in our global sourcing strategy and brings efficiencies to our manufacturing process for the 407 model," Bell vice president (supply chain) Mike Loeffler said on the occasion.

As part of the tie-up, Bell and Textron will build on Dynamatic’s supplier capabilities, as the former plans to invest and expand its operations in the Indian sub-continent.

"India represents a growth opportunity for our sales, operations, and integrated supply chain. We will continue to invest in India to build upon our capabilities in the region," Loeffler said.

Bell has engaged Dynamatic in the development and production of airframe components for its 407 model since December 2013.

"We have commenced production for shipment to Bell’s aircraft assembly site at Mirable in Canada after completing building aft fuselage parts, consisting of outer shell and thrust structure," Dynamatic said in the statement.

Textron India centre in Bangalore provides base for Bell to employ and maintain staff for cross-functional team of engineers to support its global operations.

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