Bangalore Beset with Illegal Hoardings as Contractors Defy BBM

In an eye-opener to a common man in Bangalore, the huge hoardings along the techie-filled roads are illegal and not removed despite BBMP’s orders to private contractors. Each hoarding earnsa reveneue of about Rs.1 lakh per month but rarely that money goes to BBMP.

The Basngalore-based Citizen Matters in its well-probed reports has brought out some of the facts which never raised an eye-brow in the past on how Municipal Corporations work in our cities. Some honest BBMP officials told Citizen Matters that unless people become part of the governance, it is just impossible to remove illegal hoarding along the roads in Bangalore stretching for miles without help from citizens and honest contractors.

The report cites internal reports of BBMP suggesting that nearly Rs.300 crore is lost in the form of ad revenue and the BBMP officials and illegal middlemen who put up such hoardings are behind the scame that is plaguing the BBMP. It cites one Ejipura Signal and the entire stretch has more than 50 such big sky-scrapers in the form of hoardings and BBMP officials often blink at them or their work orders to remove are junked by the contractors.

In one report Assistant Commissioner K Mathai said the Palike’s advertisement revenue loss would be around Rs.2,000 crore in last nine years. It has projected to earn a minimum of Rs.300 crore as advertising revenue from all 198 wards. But officially, BBMP has earned merely Rs.145 crore in six years, making it around Rs. 25 crore per annum.

So, whose loss is it? Quoting a starred question in Vidhan Soudha, the reports gives the figures as "Rs 12.96 crore (2010-11) Rs 32.20 crore (2011-12) Rs 22.76 crore (2012-13) Rs 35.27 crore (2013-14) Rs 21.47 crore (2014-15) Rs 5 crore in the year 2015-16 as on March 1st, 2016. Source: Response to a starred question by Minister for Bengaluru Development K J George in the Legislative Assembly."

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