Black Friday shopping at a Target store in November 2008. (Wiki Commons)

Balck Friday Deals: What Apple is Giving on Platter After Discounts?

Time to buy waht you have failed to buy when Apple unveiled some of the latest iPads or iPhones or iMac with the heavy discount for Back Friday at major retailers — Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Target and others.

Apple fans may rejoice buying this season what they missed last time and many of them are braving to go onto the streets but before that, here are some best deals available for them.

Best Buy deals of Apple gadgets include $100 off on iPad Air 2, $99.99 off on iPhone 6, $150 off on iMac products, $75 off on iPad Mini 3, $149.99 on iPod Touch and $89.99 on Apple TV.

Walmart is also extending some interesting deals on iPad Mini 16GB, with $30 gift card for $199, iPad Air 16GB with $100 gift card for $397, iPod Touch with $30 gift card for $195, iTunes gift card packs for $25, iPhone 5s for $79 for 2-year contract and $75 gift card, while iPhone 6 is available for $179 for 2-year contract with a $75 gift card.

Target is offering the iPad Mini 3 16GB and iPad Air with a $100 gift card for $399 both in stores and online. The offer is from Nov. 26 onwards on Thanksgiving. The iPad Mini 16GB with $80 gift card, iPad Air 2 16GB with $140 gift card, the iPhone 6 16GB with $30 gift card for $179.99 and iPhone 5S 16GB with $30 gift card for $79 are on the offer this season.

Target’s other offers include the iPod Touch with $50 gift card for $249, Apple TV for $89 and discounted iTunes with gift cards.

Sam’s Club Warehouse is giving its members the iPhone 6 for $100 with a 2-year contract, an iPad Air for $100 off and a four-pack of $25 iTunes gift cards for $79.49 and a $50 iTunes gift card for $39.98.

Staples Shoppers can aim at purchasing the iPad Air on Thanksgiving for $319, the iPad Mini 2 for $239 and Retina iPads for $279, which means 20% discount in all.

Radio Shack After mail-in-rebate, the iPod Touch will be available on Black Friday for $149.99, while Apple TV is available for $84.99.

Apple on its own is offering discounts for the Balck Friday via its Project RED awareness campaign, special iTunes gift cards ranging from $25 to $100 with some Apple products purchased on Nov. 28
in stores and online.

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