Balakrishna Meets Chandrababu Naidu Ahead of AP Ministry Swearing in Andhra Pradesh?

Elections in AndhraActor Balakrishna met Chandrababu Naidu just two days before the finalisation of the ministry that will be sworn in on June 8, Sunday. While the details are not revealed, it is likely that Balayya has couple of names to suggest in the new cabinet.

Otherwise, the Telugu Desam Party formally takes over charge of the now-shrunk state of Andhra Pradesh and Chandrababu Naidu, 64, will take oath of office on Sunday at Mangalgiri in Guntur district, which is projected to be the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP has won 102 seats in 175-member AP assembly and also emerged as the largest opposition in Telangana. Naidu said he is determined to win in Telangana too next time.

Meanwhile, hectic speculations are out in the media about the possibility of the cabinet formation. Initially, it may be a 15-member cabinet, leaving scope for future expansion within a month.

As Naidu said earlier, there will be two deputy chief ministers representing the largest Kapu community and the back ward castes, who form major chunk in TDP support base now.

Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and K.E. Krishnamurthy may be appointed for the deputy CM posts.
in addition, N. Chinarajappa, Ganta srinivasa rao, M. Buddha Prasad, Kala Venkatrao, Achhannaidu, Shivaji, P. Narayana Swamy, M. Gita, K. Lalita Kumari, Bandaru satyanarayana Murthy, Ayyanna Patrudu, Paritala Sunita are among others whose names are cropping up.

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