Nima Gunness has come out with a heart-friendly muffin to reduce cholesterol

Baker-Scientist Comes to Rescue of Heart with Friendly Muffin

The bakers call it ‘good heart’ muffin and claim that it reduces cholesterol and it was developed by University of Queensland scientists to keep hearts healthy, a good alternative to popping up pills to reduce cholesterol.

UQ Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences scientist and herself a good baker Nima Gunness who developed the muffin said it contained three grams of beta glucans found naturally in the cell walls of oats and cereals.

Dr Nima Gunness

Dr Nima Gunness

“There is good evidence that three grams or more of oats beta glucan consumption a day can help reduce cholesterol levels,” Gunness said, who is keen to produce a muffin as a product so taht people could eat it to help reduce cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart disease.

Gunness’s low-fat blueberry muffin was made to avoid the extra oat bran and beta glucan fibre and a commercial firm UniQuest and a UQ Business School student are finding out business potential for the muffin frozen and packaged for supermarket sales, cafés and health food outlets.

“We are not suggesting that people go off any cholesterol-lowering medication. Rather, we are aiming to provide a convenient, healthy and very tasty way of helping to reduce cholesterol levels,” said Gunness.

Australian food firm Priestley’s Gourmet Delights has shown willingness to manufacture and taste-test a batch of ‘good heart’ muffins, she said.

“It’s very exciting to see a simple everyday product come out of some fairly complex research. Eating a muffin a day is a convenient way for people to improve their heart health,” says Gunness.

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