Bahubali: Six Unanswered Questions Make ‘Bahubali 2’ Most-Awaited Film

bahubaliNow that “Bahubali” has created unprecedented aura around S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus that collected Rs.325 crore in 10 days, some unexplained story links remain to be answered in the next part of the film.

Intriguing they are, but the director could have left them behind intentionally to keep the memory of the audience fresh when the second part is released next year after a gap of almost 10 months.

Otherwise, the storyline about Babhubali and his cousin Bhallala Deva vying for the throne of ancient kingdom of Mahishmati gets resolved in ‘Bahubali – The Beginning’ with the elderly decision by Sivagami, but not a clue on the opening scene where she was trying to rescue Shiva, son of Bahubali.

If Bahubali is declared king, then Bhallala Deva is the conspirator, while his father played the role of prompting him to treachery. Ironic, but the director gave a hint at Bhallala’s emotions when Prabhas tells him during the training that he would make a good commander of his army in the future. If Bahubali is sensitive to his people, how could he ignore his own cousin’s sensitivity? That too, when the question of who’d become the king was still undecided?

rajamouli Baahubali_posterGoing by the spirit of “Magadheera”, Bhallala character should get sympathy here and ideally, he should emerge as the hero. But the director, perhaps, wanted to correct his mistake when he quickly showed Bhallala trying to ditch Bahubali leaving the life-rope when they were trying to catch a spy on a mountain peak.

Though the director was able to change the audience view quickly, how could he make a mistake of Bahubali speaking in dual tone? Here, the director has left a clue on what’s brewing in the second part.

As anybody could guess, the second part should focus on palace politics but the most shocking question that was left unanswered is that Kattappa, the trusted commander, himself chose to backstab the King he loved. Why?

The role of Kattappa is the most crucial one as he was credited with saving Bahubali entering the mountain peak at the nick of time when Bhallala wanted to finish off the future king. A sworn protector of the Kings, could he kill the King himself? If so, why did he try to save Devasena from Bhallala?

How come Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan), mother of Bhallala, wanted her nephew to become the next king? Why did she carry a baby in her arms, makes the ultimate sacrifice of her own life to save the baby, holding her hand and the child above water, while drowning herself?

So, the next part will revolve around these unanswered questions and show what led to the killing of Bahubali and internment of Devasena and finally, how Shiva or the son of Bahubali takes revenge against his uncle Bhallala.

Despite several intriguing questions, Rajamouli knows how to remain connected with his audience to make next part ‘Bhubali – The Conclusion’ too a blockbuster.


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