‘Bahubali 3’ on the Cards? Yes, it’s Depending on ‘Right Script’ Now

Bahubali 3, the next project with or without the same name is on the cards as producer Shobu Yarlagadda and director SS Rajamouli are exploring a new story and planning a think-tank sort of discussions similar to Hollywood franchises, said unconfirmed reports.

SS Rajamouli and Karan Johar on the same page to do Bahubali 3 now.

The first inidcations of another project came when Bahubali 2 or “Bahubali: The Conclusion” made Rs.1,000 crore in a lightning speed unprecedented in the industry. With huge potential to make another Rs.500 crore in the near future, the boost it gives to producers and the director is anybody’s guess.

Though Baahubali director SS Rajamouli rejected any idea of making Baahubali 3, Shobhu Yarlagadda was positive about it if a good script is there. “We may make Baahubali 3 if we get a right script,” he told Greatandhra.com.

On his part, Rajamouli tweeted from London after UK promotional event that it is wraps up for Bahubali franchise but not for his next venture which may have Bahubali links to proceed. Being a fiction, Bahubali storyline gives immense scope for any extrapolation that Rajamouli and his father Vijayendra Prsad may not be averse to.

Now that Karan Johar is behind the third project solidly and financially, it may take the shape of being a Hindi original film with Telugu and Tamil versions being rolled out later. Moreover, Karan Johar has promised to re-introduce Prabhas in a Hindi film soon and the project described as “solid financially and creatively lucrative offer” is very much on the cards, said a report in Bollywood Hungama.

The problem zone is of dates for both Prabhas and Rajamouli, who have comitments already. Prabhas is likely to be busy for his upcoming film ‘Saho’ next year while Rajamouli is beset with a past commitment made to Telugu producer D V Danayya.

So, Bahubali 3 project, if ever conceived, will have Hollywood like ambience with professional writers coming out with storyline and script while the director will depend on technical add-ons with top actors playing to the audience. The trio of Karan Johar, Yrlagadda, Rajamouli fixed, it remains to be seen whether Prabhas will return or not.

Otherwise, another top Telugu actor Mahesh Babu is likely to be the first pick of Rajamouli, if Prabhas is reluctant. But then, it will be director and story-centric film than hero-centric one, which Mahesh Babu has to accept.


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