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Bahubali 2: Whopping Ticket Price at Rs.1500 to 600 Baffles Movie-Goers in City Malls

While Karnataka government mooted a Bill to cap the ticket price recently at Rs.200, for reasons unknown, it was shelved for one more month pending the release of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion”.

When pro-Kannada activists threatened to seek ban on its release over some forgotten nine-year old remarks made by Sathyajit, donning key character Kattappa, the controversy was somehow averted with his apologies. What followed was the successful release of Bahubali 2 in more than 6500 screens in India alone.

As expected Bahubali 2 was an instant success and minted Rs.122 crore on its opening and another Rs.100 crore on its second day. But more than the film’s grandeur, it was the ticket price which sullied enthusiasm of Hyderabad and Bangalore to go out and see the film in a mall.

Shocked to see the price of Rs.600 per ticket, the netizens were aghast at the double surge in price of ticket prices in malls overnight. No wonder, the business of entertainment has reached its pinnacle with demand and supply theory brazenly misused.

Here is a glance at soaring ticket prices:

In Vijayawada, centre of AP, the ticket price soared to 3,500- 4,000, though in Telangana cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar and other places saw the price in the range of Rs.3,000.

Given the ‘Baahubali’ craze, Mumbai mall owners charged in the range of Rs 1200-1500, especially in multiplexes like Inox and PVR.

Distributors defended the move saying it is once in a life-time that they get their money back and 10to 20 percent hike is justifiable. Yes but not 100% percent hike in Bangalore malls to 200% hike Mumbai, while Hyderabad is able to contain the rush with only long queues.

Since Bahubali 2 is essentially a Telugu film, the Telugus, who form largest chunk among the NRI community in states like Texas, New Jersey, and California.

But many of them were shocked to see the price tag at an exorbitant $42. Instead, they wished to see the film much later when the prices come down to their sensible levels.

Reports said 9000 screens have been showing the film Bahubali 2, a record in itself but to no avail going by the greed of distributors.

No wonder, torrent sites have begun flourishing making full movie available online while those unsavvy settled down to watch it on TV sooner than later.


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