Bahubali 2

‘Bahubali – 2’ Video Leaked on Youtube by Studios Techie

Raw footage of Baahubali-2 was leaked on Youtube by Krishna Dayanand Chowdary, a trainee graphics designer working at the Annapurna studios allegedly after he stole it from his work place.

Baahubali-The Conclusion is a sequel to Telugu, Tamil and Hindi blockbuster ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ that shook the entire country surpassing the film records in every language and winning the national award.

After the leak, producer Y Shobhanadri, lodged a complaint today with the Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad commissionerate following which the culprit was found and arrested in a raid.

Bahubali 2

Bahubali 2

“The producer’s team also found out that Krishna Dayanand Chowdary, a trainee graphics designer working at the Annapurna studios stole the footage by logging into the server,” ACP Cyber Crimes, Hyderabad commissionerate, KCS Raghu Vir said.

The two video clippings of 9-minute length were found in Krishna’s workstation and after the raid, he confessed to have shared it with two of his friends, Aishwarya and Akhil of Vijayawada on Monday night through whatsapp. It was part of about 12-minute clipping which was sent to Annapurna studios for graphics designing work.

Police registered a case against Krishna under sections 43 (b), 66 of the IT Act and section 63 of the Copyright Act and said they will write to YouTube to block Baahubali-2 footage being streamed online.


The first look poster of “Baahubali: The Conclusion” was released last month at the MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival amid fanfare at the venue with virtual reality booths to try VR gear by fans by director Rajamouli, with other actors Prabhas, Tamannaah, Anushka and producer Shobu Yarlagadda, being present at the function.

The plot has been kept very secret following the unprecedented success of the first film “Bahubali – The Beginning”.

The film Bahubali – 2 will bring forth the most asked question on the Internet “Why did Kattappa Kill Bahubali?”.

Some pertinent questions raised since the first part was successful have been making inroads on Internet:

– Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?

– How did Bhallala become King?

– Why did Bhallala imprison Devasena instead of killing

Bahubali 2

Bahubali 2


– What is the rivalry between Bhallala and Devasena’s brother?

– Why did Shivagamini rescue Bahubali’s new-born son?

The sequel, Bahubali 2 is likely to provide answers.

Here is a glimpse at what is allegedly leaked or said about the story line so far:

Bhallala, military chief of Mahishmati Empire, likes Devasena, princess of Uttara Empire but was overshadowed by Amarendra Bahubali or Prabhas, whom Devasena loves. Infuriated Bhallala forces his father to ask Bahubali to enter a duel with Bhallala or sacrifice the throne as Devasena belongs to rival kingdom. Bahubali sacrifices the throne and goes to forests like Rama taking with him his pregnant wife.

Bhallala now becomes king of Mahishmati empire but his cruelty makes him unpopular and attracts invasion from the erstwhile Kalakeya’s brother, seeking revenge for his brother’s death. When Mahishmati empire was at the brink of defeat, Bahubali returns to save the kingdom, leaving behind his 8-month pregnant wife with Rajamata Shivagamini.

The war was won but Bahubali was killed and soon Bhallala turns his attention to Devasena, who had rejected him. He offers her to be his queen and when she rejects it, tries to eliminate her newly-born son and the news falls in the ears of Shivagamini. She decides to save the baby and here the film’s first part brings in the connection.

The story allegedly surrounds Shivudu who wants to take revenge, supported by Kattappa, his arms dealer friend Aslaam Khan (Sudeep) and Devasena’s brother and erstwhile loyal soldiers of Bahubali. The climax scene inevitably be the burning of Bhallala at the spot where his mother had collected wood pieces for the purpose.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this news story was based on a video making rounds and not officially acknowledged by the team of “Bahubali – The Conclusion”. We take no responsibility for its validity and leave it open to discussion.

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