Bahubali 2: Two Months to Go, Poster Boy Ascends Tusker

In a symbolic ascendency to the throne, "Baahubali 2" or "Bahubali – The Conclusion" new poster released on Mahashivaratri shows the actor Prabahs or Amarendra Baahubali ascending the head of an elephant in a perfect show of how a prince would do it.

It reminds of a Telugu proverb – "Kodithe Enugu Kumbhasthalanne Kottali" (కొడితే ఏనుగు కుంబ స్థలాన్నే కొత్టాలి), which shows Prabhas or Bahubali astride with ease commanding respect from the elephant. However, here he is not hitting the kumbhasthalam but astriding it.

In the poster, Bahubali is clad in silk dhoti, wind-swept hair and a confident expression, with one leg on the trunk of the elephant while the other is on its head or Kumbhasthala. The tusker too has adornment in silver while the dark rain clouds in the sky portray the mood of the poster, and in the background Mahishmati town in hazy hues of brown, black and grey is visible.

Releasing the poster, Bahubali 2 director S.S. Rajamouli wrote: "Saahore Baahubali….. Happy Maha Shivaratri."

And he told a TV channel recently that what we saw in "Bahubali – The Beginning" was just the introduction of characters and all the drama and action was reserved for Baahubali2. “In the first part, we just introduced the characters and showed what they are capable of. The audience will see the actual drama, which will be high on emotions, in the second part,” he said.

Another missing part in the first part was a direct duel or fight between Shivudu and Bhallaladeva, which will be shown in the second part. “Now, the audience know the physical strength of two main characters, Shivudu and Bhallaladeva. But we didn’t show them what could happen when these two indulge in a duel. Even though we have war sequences etc., the fight between them will be the king of action scenes in Baahubali 2,” he said.

rajamouli said the action sequences in the first film may be dwarfd by the scenes in Bahubali 2 in an interview. “Action scenes in Baahubali 2 will make the first film look small… They have been amazingly shot and are mind blowing. We were left awestruck while filming them, so I can imagine how the audience will be blown away by them."

Answering the ever-green question: "Why Kattapa killed Baahubali?", his answer is that it is the other interesting aspect that will be revealed on the film’s release on April 28, 2017.

Now that it’s wrap up time for Amarendra Bahubali actor Prabhas, his return to Telugu films remain imminent though audience have a different expectation from him. If he fails to keep up to his expectation in other films or chooses ordinary roles, then he may see end of his film career.

For Rajamouli, the imminent question is What’s Next?

Rumours are abound that after Baahubali 2 release, Rajamouli may plunge for a bigger project stretching over ten years and it is making of "Mahabharata", with the VFX effects manipulated to reflect India’s next magnum opus. Unending reports have even suggested that the director wants to rope in biggies like Rajinikanth (Tamil), Aamir Khan (Hindi) and Mohanlal (Malayalam) for the next epic project.

“Making Mahabharata is my ambition. But, it will take at least 10 years for me to gain the experience and technology that will allow me to bring my vision of that story on the big screen,” he told media earlier. But nothing stops him now.

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