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Antagonist Bhallaladeva in Bahubali - The Conclusion to be released on April 28, 2017 wordwide.

Bahubali 2 Trailer Ripped Apart Youtube Records, 21 Million Views in 5 Hours

The trailer of “Bahubali 2” is out hitting 10 million views in six hours on Youtube with several versions and me-me versions being there making more money than before in Indian film industry’s history. It crossed one million in the first one hour and director SS Rajamouli thanked saying,

“Thanks a million everyone…???…trending worldwide within an hour…”

In Telugu, the Youtube figure of views crossed 13,849,578 views in five hours while its Hindi version scored 6,849,313 views. It is likely that the trailer will surpass the highest ever record in shortest span of time on Youtube by tomorrow.

The earlier records of PSY Gangnam and its sequel will also face competition in the wake of an overwhelming response the trailer of Bahubali – The Conclusion is creating on Youtube.

The trailer opens with Amarendra Bahubali taking oath as King of Mahishmati kingdom in the name of Devagamini and not in the name of god reveals his ultimate loyalty to his mother who brought him up and sacrificed her own son’s fortune for the emerging star who was shown as the people’s king.

The final words of Bahubali to Kattappa, who killed him from behind gives the clue to the film’s entire storyline. “If you were supporti8ng me, no one could have killed me, Mama (Uncle)”, he says hinting at two points – one is that Kattappa was not with Bahubali in the battle against Bhallala Deva and secondly, Kattappa had to kill Bahubali because of his generations-long loyalty to the King’s diktats.

So, the storyline can be recreated now easily. Despite taking over as King, Bahubali was dethroned for some reason and he wages a war with the help of tribal kingdom nearby to which Anushka and Tamannah were associated with. Finally, in the end Bahubali was stabbed from behind by Kattappa and his wife gives birth in the fort where she was in captivity. Rest is in your imagination.

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