Bahubali 2 Success: Haryana Astrologer Claims He Predicted it Right?

When Karan Johar reportedly invested Rs.100 crore for ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ way back in 2015 for Hindi dubbed version rights, he was indeed taking a chance and it paid off unprecedented returns for him. Again when the sequel was underway, he poured in Rs.70 crore as advance and nobody knows how much he paid finally for the rights.

Filephotoi: Karan Johar during the Grey Goose Fly Beyond Awards 2014 in Mumbai, on November 16, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

First time it was a gut feeling but second time, it was a wise investment. Both times he was lucky but anybody would have invested in Bahubali 2, realising the potential it had in store. All distributors and producers have only a smile on their face and no doubt the film collected more than double the amount that was spent on making the film prior to its release. Upbeat with the opening success, he tweeted: “When the MONDAY behaves like day 1…It’s no longer a cinema celebration it’s a cinema revolution! Monday (Hindi) at 40.25!!! #Baahubali2.”

However, Kushal Kumar, an astrologer from Haryana now claims that he had predicted the success of Bahubali 2. In a statement released to host of media outlets, he said, “The phenomenal success of film Bahubali-2 having some great Indian art, culture , and history (epic) content in it, done with superb cinematic mastery, has made record earnings in few days. Precisely relevant to this great accomplishment of Indian cinema is the prophesy of this Vedic astrology writer.”

Astrologer Kushal Kumar claims

He said he had predicted in his October 2016 statement that the planetary impacts on India in 2017 encompass in three ways – “The first part from January to March was read to be generating substantial worries, second part of four months from April to July was read to mean promising in certain respects and third part from August to December was read to be one denoting a mixed period.”

Quoting another reference to his prediction of good things to happen in April to July period, he recollected the prediction for the period as: “Cinema industry or something related to fine arts or culture or history may put up some smiling face during the year, more so in April to July”.

While every Indian could predict Bahubali success, from Karan Johar to Kushal Kumar, what baffles is the claim to prophecy.

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