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‘Bahubali 2’ Storyline Reconstructed Ahead of Release; Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?

The trailer of Bahubali 2 or “Bahubali – The Conclusion” is going viral in simple terms but it is actually going mad in true terms ripping apart all the records ever set on Google’s video sharing channel.

The views on Youtube crossed one million in one hour after the release, in Telugu reaching 13,849,578 views in five hours while its Hindi version recorded 6,849,313 views, leaving aprt Tamil and Malayalam making few more millions. It is likely that the trailer will surpass one billion views on Youtube by tomorrow.

As its director SS Rajamouli tweeted, the clue to the killing of Banubali by none other than his trusted man Kattappa, “Bahubali – The Conclusion” trailer at the end shows the reason. Based on that, here is the story of Bahubali 2 that we can afford to reconstruct now:

Bhallala, who was made army chief of Mahishmati Empire happens to like Devasena, princess of Uttara Empire but he was overshadowed by Amarendra Bahubali’s stature, whom Devasena likes and falls in love. Infuriated Bhallala forces his father to step in mastermind Bahubali’s exit from the throne.

Devasena, from a rival kingdom, becomes the centre of the plot to dethrone Bahubali, who sacrifices the throne but turns rebel and wages a war against Bhallaladeva, who becomes king.

Bhallala’s cruelty makes him unpopular and the war is fought between a 2 lakh army of Mahismati Empire and tens of thousands of Amarendra bahubali. Bhallala plays the loyalty card and forces Kattappa to kill Bahubali who was on the winning streak in the war as many soldiers turn loyal to him and look upon to him for inspiration.

The war was won but Bahubali was killed by Kattappa and soon Bhallala turns his attention to Devasena, who had rejected him. He offers her to be his queen, but she rejects. Then he plots for eliminating even her newly-born son and the news makes Shivagamini to sacrifice her life and save the baby. She takes the newly-born boy and escapes through an underground tunnel and exits at the riverside. Here, the viewers can recollect the opening scene of “Bahubali- The Beginning” where Shivagamini kills a couple of soldiers and jumps into water keeping the child floating above the water.

Now the real story of Shivudu forms part of the second-half of the film. He seeks to take revenge and was supported by Kattappa too joins the war against Bhallala. With help from Devasena’s brother and erstwhile loyal soldiers of Bahubali, Shivudu wages war and wins the battle and brings cheer to his mother by burning Bhallala at the spot where his mother had collected spades for over two decades.

There ends the film.

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