Prabhas wears a new look with shortened hair but the glow is missing (Phot grab from Instagram of Aaalim Hakim's)
Prabhas wears a new look with shortened hair but the glow is missing (Phot grab from Instagram of Aaalim Hakim's)

Back from US Sojourn, Bahubali Star Prabhas Sports New Look, Sheds Tresses

Prabhas, Baahubali, has returned to India from his month-long sojourn in United States vacationing with friends and erstwhile class mates, remaining mostly incognito for the general public.

Far away from the brouhaha back home over the startling success of Baahubali 2 that went on to earn Rs.1,650 crore, with Hindi version alone raking in Rs.502 crore nett, Prabhas has returned after shedding the long tresses at hair stylist Aalim Hakim’s salon.

Sporting a short hari and a slight shade of his bear, Prabhas is seen in a new avatar befitting the upcoming shooting for his next film “Sahoo”, which may pair him with Anushka Shetty again but Katrina Kaif is not ruled out yet.

Aalim shared a photo with the actor on Instagram saying:”The Bahubali of the Indian Film Industry….Prabhas #Prabhas #AalimHakim #SalonHakimsAalim #HArocks.”

Withe several kilos of waist and weight shed in the last one month Prabhas looks leaner and thinner now in the new Instagram photo with Aalim.

The media-shy Prabhas had taken to Facebook when he last month thanked his fans: “A big hug to each one of you for all the love that you’ve showered on me,” he said before embarking on his US vacation, keeping away from the limelight in India.

Prabhas may tie the knot soon as his mother has apparently chosen a girl who is also granddaughter of Raasi cements owner from Vizag. He received more than 3,000 proposals in the last three years owing to his fame as Baahubali.

  • aalimhakimThe Bahubali of the Indian Film Industry?….Prabhas ?? #Prabhas
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