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Baahubali, Devasena Coming Together Again in ‘Saaho’?

Media buzz is around who’s great in Baahubali 2 and some closed-circuit women websites have elaborated on the virtues of Devasena and praised Amarendra Baahubali for his dialogue, “Amma, You are Wrong”. The women-centric clubs went ahead and rallied behind Devasena’s ferocisous role and finally declared:”You have to be Devsena to get Amarendra Baahubali”.

Yes, Devasena’s character was woven not around Bahu-Saas stereo-types but going beyond that, writer Vijayendra Prasad made Devasena a woman princess, a woman warrior, and more than that an intelligent woman who could square off a tricky situation when her would-be mother-in-law ordered her to marry Bhalladeva. But she opted for Baahubali and he protected her till his end in the film.

Now that the flash back is over, let’s look at the present situation. Anushka and Prabhas who plaed Devasena and Baahubali in the magnum opus “Baahubali: The Conclusion” are rumoured to have weighed the pros and cons of marriage while on the sets of Baahubali but modern-day vices came in their way that they decided to part ways. Setting apart personal issues, what’s public is that they are coming together again.

But not the film field. They realised the brand value of these two together in a film again and Prabhas’s next film “Saaho” is abuzz with rumours that the lead pair may come together again in a film based on future scientific adventure with high-fly boosters and low-grounded tech cities. Since Disha Patani, rumoured earlier for the lead female role next to Prabhas and Shraddha Kappor, added later, have been dropped now from the film, the next focus-point is on Anushka Shetty again.

Why Prabhas left for the US immediately after bahubali 2 release? His trip to the US was pre-planned. Everyone from team Baahubali knew of this. In fact, he wanted to leave earlier but couldn’t go due to film’s promotions,” said one source to media.

Moreover, ‘Sahoo’ film’s shooting is taking place in the US to begin with and his vacation in US will pave the way for the next schedule naturally, explained the source. Otherwise, he is reportedly having a great time visiting his favourite places, cafés and restaurants, meeting his friends but all this in disguise, perhaps with w hood on his head. Even otherwise, nobody would notice him on busy New York streets.

“Apart from being a very shy person, he is averse to attracting unnecessary attention,” said another report, explaining raison d’etre for his absence from the mainstream media in India.

Leaving aside the personal preferences, what’s public is their brand value to make another film succeed the way Bahubali 2 did. As of yesterday, Baahubali 2 grossed box office collections amounting to Rs.1,470 crore and counting on crossing Rs.1,500 crore as it enters the fourth week of its release in more than 60% of the theatres in India, which refuse to take down the film.

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