Avoid Obesity in Five Easy Steps; Eat Less, Exercise More

Eating less is not the only solution to prevent obesity, however it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

People under 25 are often seen complaining about their weight gain, the major reason of this is because of our lifestyle and environment. Youths are exposed to environmental pollutants, timing of food intake(which is the most important factor responsible), and medication uses.

A new study has find that, if you are struggling from weight gain, you would have to eat less and exercise more than your parents did.

These things affect the body weight. However we have here five ways to avoid obesity.

1) Skipping breakfast is not a good idea.

You may think to prevent obesity, eating less is the solution but that’s not true, losing weight doesn’t mean being hungry. This won’t take you anywhere. To avoid obesity, you have to eat, you have to eat on time.

Eating breakfast everyday is a must, a lot of people think that to reduce calories, skipping breakfast is the easy way but a study says that eating breakfast helps you consume fewer calories for the day.

2) Intake of High Fibre food in lunch, will keep you full till supper.

Eating a bowl of brown rice with vegetables for lunch is a very good idea, high fiber food like these have low calories, little fat and will keep you full. They are digested slowly, which will help you to not fall hungry again. Best way to gain fibre is to start your day with high-fibre cereal.

3) Eat Salad, Raw and leafy green vegetables

The intake of lots of green salad, which includes vegetables like carrots and broccoli, has low calories. They are also high in water and it digests slowly. Those who prefer salads have higher levels of Vitamin C and E, which are the essential components for a human health.

4) For more protein, turn to Fish and Chicken

High-protein intake is not advised but the point is to make clear that eating some protein with every meal even with snacks is good for you.

People who are in low protein and high carbohydrates do not lose weight or feel hungry comparing to people who take more protein.

5) Eat nuts and get more calcium

Fat in nuts helps people feel full. Studies have found that people who eat nuts regularly have lower BMIs than who don’t.

Studies have found that low-fat dairy foods are most effective, calcium from other sources like fortified orange juices works too.


  1. You keep it up now, unrdsdtane? Really good to know.

  2. It would be good to mention details of the “Studies” on which all the steps are quoted here. Without any scientific premise, this article is no better than the numerous health-tips of the grandma of my neighborhood backer.

    This sentence needs some editing:

    “People who are in low protein and high carbohydrates do not lose weight or feel hungry comparing to people who take more protein.”

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