Australian Radio DJs’ on Kate Middleton hoax Found Guilty

Australian high court has ruled that the two radio DJs violated the law when they called an Indian nurse at a hospital that was caring for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Indian-born nurse Jacintha Saldana, 46, committed suicide three days later owing to the uproar for answering the prank call from Australia.


The prank-call DJs are Mel Greig and Michael Christian managed to bully the nurse at King Edward VII and got information about the Duchess’ condition after being told the call was from the Queen and Prince Charles.

Taunted by the mistkae, the 46-year-old Indian nurse who is also mother of two kids, ended her life committing suicide while the culprits Greig and Christian are at large in Australia.

Instead of accepting the charges for abetting the nurse’s eventual suicide, the prank-call radio station 2Day FM argued that the watchdog did not have jurisdiction to rule that the prank calls made by its DJs were “illegal”.

The watchdog — Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) — however, went ahead to state that the action by the rogue FM station was illegal.

Now that the high court ruling stated that the radio station DJs’ action was illegal, it could face the prospect mere fine or lose its licence.

Greig and Christian have apologised for the prank call but the nurse and mother who committed suicide cannot be forgotten and the prank-call episode remains a gloabl lesson for prank callers in the disguise of radio station DJs.

The prank calls from DJs, however, never stopped despite the death of Saldana and are still popular in her native country India.

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