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Australian Captain Michael Clarke to Retire After Ashes 2015?

Australian captain Michael Clarke’s eventful 114 test match career appears to end now, according to Australian media reports, though the player emphatically told may of them that he is around to play post-Ashes disaster.

But the chorus is that he is likely to retire after the ongoing Ashes 2015. The Australian captain failed again with the bat and his side is slowly falling into a humiliating defeat in the current Ashes.

The latest media reports suggest that, due to bad performance, Aussies are on the verge of losing fourth ashes test match with an innings difference.

Lately, Clarke has gone through bad patch as he has just scored 117 runs in all eight innings of this series. While pressure was building on Clarke from Australian media, it was not until Wednesday when the 34-year-old said he was going nowhere, refuting the rumours.

“The criticisms of my game at the moment are deserved and I wouldn’t expect anything different, especially as the captain of the team,” he said in a column for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

He further added, “But I’ve heard there have been a few articles questioning me for not having that hunger inside me. I think somebody said they could ‘see it in my eyes’ that I was finished after this series. That’s a complete load of rubbish.”

The Sydney Morning Herald‘s chief sports writer Andrew Webster said on Tuesday Clarke’s expression “with each cheap dismissal is undeniable: it is a blank expression of utter bewilderment. He isn’t annoyed but lost”.

However, on Wednesday Clarke vowed to keep playing after the Ashes series. However, the most humiliated Ashes defeat will be interesting to see what the Australian selectors will do now with the skipper.

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