Australia May Give Green Signal to Supply Uranium to India Ahead of Modi Visit

What India could not get from the much-hyped PM Narendra Modi’s vist to Japan recently may be offset by what Australia offers ahead of his trip to attend G-20 summit there.

Deputy Premier of South Australia province John Rau has said the Australian federal government is engaged in finalising the agreement to allow uranium shipments to India.

“Finalisation of that (bilateral agreement for uranium shipment) is going on within diplomatic channels,” Rau said here, according to a release on Tuesday by the South Australia Tourism Commission.

Rau said the uranium miners of Australia would be “happy to have joint ventures with India , now that policy changes” enabling shipment of the nuclear fuel, it added.

“Australia has liberalised the policy regarding shipment of uranium to India and does not insist any more on signing of the non-proliferation treaty,” the statement said.

Australia is a large producer of uranium, accounting for 81 percent of the total global output. India need uranium supplies to meet its nuclear energy plants’ requirement. Japan refuses to undertake nuclear fuel supplies unless India signs the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which means India cannot seek nucelar weapons development in the country.

During a visit to Delhi in August, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherhill said his government would propose a plan to clean the Ganga river, which is considered sacred by Hindus.

“We have the expertise to clean rivers and we are interested in taking up the ‘Clean Ganga’ project. We are also planning to meet India’s water resources ministry and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs to give them our proposal,” said Weatherhill during a promotional campaign of the South Australian government for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

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