Arvind Kejriwal Seeks Ballot Vote Amid Allegations of EVM Fraud in UP

First it was on What’s App. A picture clearly showed a person with a turban trying to vote for AAP but the vote was automatically going to BJP. The poll results which have shocked the opposition soon revived the theory of BJP’s manipulation of e-voting in Uttar Pradesh, which was termed a litmus test for Modi’s demonetisation.

Soon after the results, Modi said while addressing the BJP MPs at the party office that they had made some mistakes but the intentions were good.

With two seats in her basket, BSP chief was among those who understood it and cried foul. Mayawati said tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) was behind her party’s poor showing. Irrespective of what buttons were being pressed, all the votes were going to BJP. “Either the EVMs did not accept votes other than BJP, or the votes of other parties have gone to BJP in the EVMs,” she said seeking re-vote in the state.

Partly introduced in 1999 elections and fully used in 2004 elections, the Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs were never tampered with in India’s history of elections and if proved, the UP elections will remain the testimony of technological fraud to make a ruling party come and continue in power forever.

The first to react was Delhi state Congress President Congress Ajay Maken who dashed off a letter to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asking him to seek Election Commission to conduct the elections through a secret ballot, not by EVMs. Soon Kejriwal said yes and the chief secretary asked the Election Commission to conduct Delhi Corporation polls using ballots instead of EVMs.

The problem is not merely EVMs or the ballot vote but beyond the Opposition’s comprehension that even people’s minds are being controlled in terms of majority expression of likes or dislikes on social media platforms. Scores of lakhs of BJP supporters are working overnight to keep the social media under control so no anti-BJP opinion leaks out without diluting it.

Time is for the Congress, AAP and other opposition parties to revive their social media network than merely blame the EVMs. Since UP poll result has created awe among the people of India, naturally their next option to vote will be to join the majority and sideline the defeated opposition parties. The solution lies not only in changing the EVMs but also in being aggressive on social media.

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