Arnab Goswami Re-Invented News Hour for Nation

When TV news channel ‘Times Now’ started in 2006 with Reuters collaboration, the vision was serious but the exit of Reuters soon paved the way for its editor Arnab Goswami to go solo on chaning the heat on a newsroom in an unprecedented manner that brought him both accolades and apprehensions.

With his repeated questioning style and forcing opponents to search for the right defence, Arnab Goswami spawned a new style in Indian news channels. While debates and activist questioning became the style of Arnab, so is the style now followed in almost every channel across the country.

What has changed Arnab was the typical Times Group attitude and pro-establishment stand that has deterred many firebrand journalists to leave the group in dismay and so is Arnab now. Ironic but he knew that the axe would fall on him one day.arnab-goswami-news-hour

In fact, Arnab succumbed to pressure almost a year ago when he deviated from his unbiased approach to one that made him unpopular for his turn around and supporting the establishment. Credit goes to him for bringing the murderers of Sheena Bora to book and keep the Mumbai police on tenterhooks over faultlines.

Nonetheless he may have made mistakes in enforcing public opinion on accusing innocents in several cases of national importance including JNU row. But he always saw reason when it was needed to be and stood by the rule book of journalism to retreat from a wrong path.

Now that he is eyeing digital media for his next step, it is welcome and he may propel Indian digital revolution to a global level as he rightly said he would “dream of an independent media”.

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