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April Fools Day: Pranks, Tricks, Tips to Make it Memorable

Today being April Fools’ Day, it is better to make firends and preferably boy friend or girlfriend a victim or “April fools,” as they remember it for long and so will be your relationship.

Here are some tips and tricks to make April First a memorable day for your loved ones:

1. Cream Cheese or Deodorant?

For people who use deodorant sticks, just give them a taste of it with cheese too. Push the deodorant stick down and then cover it with cream cheese. If he or she bites it, then the whole day they remember how it tastes and wreak it out.

2. Mayonnaise Cupcakes:

Just cover the cupcake with mayonnaise instead of icing and sure he will eat it with love. Once the victim of the April Fools’ joke realizes, it would be a cruel joke, especially if he or she loathe mayo. Jokes part, they will tell you the new taste of it too.

3. Soap Or What? Just paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and see whether it lather or not until your friend realizes.

4. Tattoo forever? If he is a heavy sleeper with short hair, then place a temporary tattoo on the back of the neck and see his reaction.

Other Pranks:

  1. Put tape over the remote’s censor so it won’t work.

  2. Put green food coloring in a container of milk.

  3. Turn the opener on the top of a beer or soda can so your victim can’t open it.

  4. Toilet paper the bed before the victim wakes up.

  5. Put Vaseline on the doorknob.

  6. Replace hand soap with hair gel.

  7. Set the clock an hour ahead, but make sure to adjust the alarm too so no one is late for work.

  8. Set the television in high volume and shut it off. Let your friend realize when he or she turns it on.

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