Apple’s Next Generation iPhone 8? What’s So Great?

Representational picture of Apple CEO Tim Cook releasing the iPhone 6s

Amid heightened competition, Apple is up for grabs of headlines again with its upcoming iPhone 8 fitted with new form factor and advanced features but not compromising on price at $1,000, making it the real upmarket product.

Goldman Sachs researcher Simona Jankowski has reportedly circulated a research note on the $1000-iPhone 8 model that has made market analysts sit up and recalculate the risks and rewards when the market players like Samsung and Plus One are compromising on price.

The advanced features of iPhone 8 may include 128GB of storage or another variant with 256BG costing another $100 more with 5.8-inch OLED display covering even the edges. Cost hike at $35 for OLED screen without any bezel but all screen and $20 for 3D sensor, NAND/DRAM memory at additional $30 amount to plausible increase in the overall cost of the product to cross $1,000 but Apple may cap it at $999 to be precise and hold the market grip in tact.

Now that Apple is entering second decade of its iPhone series in the mobile market, a unique model irrespective of price tag is what the iPhone users may expect and not just add-ons inserted in the it and Apple may have to bring in remarkable changes in its iPhone 8 to stay on top of the market players.

Other advanced features such as a touch ID sensordisplayed on the display screen itself may become tempting for many iPhone users to go and grab the new one. In fact, iPhone fans never bothered about the pricing but the features and Apple knows it best.

The next questions is about its release date. OnLeaks, known for his past trusted leaks, has said that Apple’s Chinese partner Foxconn has recruited new staff to manufacture the next generation prestigious iPhone 8 for release in September 2017, which is just 5 months away. It may be a daunting task but not for Foxconn.

  • “According to my sources: DVT started last month. PVT will start between June and July. Final mass production in August for September launch. — OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) May 11, 2017”

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