Apple’s amazing free online advertising strategy redefines contours of web world

Apple knows how to manipulate the online media and the age-old print media before launching any product, a strategy perfected by its former CEO Steve Jobs. Though Steve Jobs is not there, his successors have emulated it to remain in the news forever.

The fresh Apple invite thrilling many tech journalists and bloggers is that the September 12 event today will see the tech giant unveil its next generation of products but not iPhone 5 in particular. It will certainly include other versions of iPad or iPod. Will it be called iPhone 4S II or iPhone 5S II remains to be seen.

The mystery will to be unravelled when Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the next series of products, reports suggest, may not include iPhone
series at all unlike the hype seen now. This is precisely the ad strategy of Apple, unprecedented in any gadgets field.

In terms of a free press, Apple has already mastered the art of raising eye-brows among its fans who make queues every time a product is launched. How does Apple do that?

Not long ago, Apple tried to hit the TV ad solution in 2008. With comparative ads when it rivalled Microsoft’s PCs with an old man versus a young “hip” man sporting its Mac.

The “Mac versus PC” ads became a hit that it was repeated in Japan with two Japanese males. Moving over from the television ad, it focused on
personal sales in its stores spread all over key cities and valleys. Young knowledgeable salesmen and women began to overwhelm the visitors who
preferred to adopt the new technology and its wonders.

When the time came to launch its iPod, Apple virtually transitioned the domain of MP3 Players with “iPod” the way Sony transformed tape recorders with its brand name in the mid 1970s.

Riding high on the success of “iPod”, Steve Jobs soon turned his attention to iPhone and later iPad. While iPhone was an instant success, iPad ran on the success and image created by its peer brand. Not withstanding the success, Apple never let the gap go uncovered. Come September, its mysterious invite hits all the news media or tech websites who in turn go roaring about the new product in the pipeline.

The latest ad campaign “You’ll love a Mac” is no more required as Mac Rumors are there everyday hitting the online news much to the chagrin of Microsoft and Google.

Notwithstanding its failure in UK and Australia law suits over its alleged misleading ads, Apple goes on green as ever.

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