Apple reportedly working on Steve Jobs’ dream car ‘TITAN’, electric minivan

appleMove over GM and Toyota, here is Apple stepping into your shoe with an electric vehicle similar to Reva seen on the roads of India and UK frequently.

Reports said the tech giant is seriously exploring an exclusive Apple-branded electric vehicle resembling a minivan.

The Wall Street Journal said the project, code-named Titan, has been operational with several hundreds of employees already working on it and some Apple executives have been sent to Austria to meet some contract manufacturers of high-end cars.

There may be three reasons why Apple is venturing into an unknown market segment. First of all, its vast supply chain already in existence throughout the world, including China.

Secondly, Apple has made some breakthroughs in battery technology for its iPhones and iPads and wants to spread wings in other applications of the technology.

Thirdly, a car or vehicle provides ample opportunity to designers and Apple excels in that ever since Steve Jobs designed the original Mac in the early 1980s.

Fourthly, the mapping system developed for its phones called CarPlay can be applied in car navigation effectively and the company has already spent millions in developing this since its debut in 2012. Carplay has software integrating iTunes, mapping, messaging and other iOS applications.

It may be noted that Apple had the idea of building cars even before 2007 when Steve Jobs hopped on to iPhones as Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, revealed in a 2012 court testimony.

Even Mickey Drexler of the Apple board said in 2012 that Steve Jobs pondered the idea of designing a car for long. Perhaps, it was in the Future Mission Goals bequethed by Jobs to his heir when he died .

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