Apple iPhone Top Paid Apps Made Free for Limited Period on iTunes

Apple's iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6

In a delayed New Year Gift, Apple iPhone users can have the top 10 best paid apps free now on iTunes, but for a limited period.

As part of the campaign, developers of some apps on iTunes have offered their apps for free since last week, though it is not said how long the free offer will go.

Some of the top paid apps that can be picked up free now are here:

Flying Yeezy: Similar to Flappy Bird, this app features Kanye West as the character and cross obstacles to score high. The user can play with friends and the price is $0.99, but is free now.

Tail Drift: The app by PocketGamer is a Mario Kart in the tubes of the sky with events, tracks, planes and priced $1.99 is now free to download.

ProCam 2: ProCam2 is a professional camera tool in iPhone with advanced features and helpful for photo-loving genius in you with customization. The app’s regular price is $1.99, but is being offered free now.

Hollow Words: This app, priced at $0.99, was given out free. More like dumbshells, it is a puzzle game where users guess the word or phrase based on a visual presentation.

Pics2Mov: The camera app for iPhone users creates crafted videos of still images and users can add music of their choice in the background and upload pictures from Facebook, besides host of other features. Priced $1.99, Pics2Mov is now available free to download.

Sapphire Radio: The app that broadcasts music of foreign genres, priced $0.99 is available for free but for a limited period.

iDrated: The app keeps track of the user’s hydration levels and alerts him or her when to drink. To be priced $1.99, it is currently available free on iTunes.

Secure Filebox: Priced $1.99, Secure Filebox helps users store, organize, share files and conduct AES256-encrypted discussions. Its features include a scanner, camera, voice recorder, back up, transfer, and airdrop.

These apps are currently available freely on iTunes but the offer validity is not given and anytime they will move into paid app category. If the app shows a price on iTunes, it means the offer is no more available.

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