Apple iPad Mini event: All set for price war in Tablets market

Apple is all set to reveal the iPad Mini today and alongwith it, some cosmetic improvements in its Mac Book Pro and iPod touch. Since the thrill behind every Apple product is either for iPhone or iPad, it can’t be anything less than an iPad as iPhone 5 released last month.

To be called either iPad Mini or iPad Air, as some reports say, the new iPad will be a scaled-down version of the latest iPad 3, priced competitively around $299 to withstand the market competition from Google’s Nexus or Amazon’s Kindle fire.

Apple has invited media to its presentation in San Jose, California, starting at 10 AM PDT (10:30 PM IST). The product will be open for pre-bookings within a day or two and the company may even start selling it in a day or two after announcing it.

Apple has so far sold 84 million iPads since April 2010 when it introduced the device shaking the tablets market. The iPad Mini was initially ruled out by its late founder and CEO Steve Jobs but the demand for it has kept Apple retry the product, which is is ready for release today.

Saleswise, Apple’s iPad Mini is likely to make a roar like any other Apple product, says J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who was sure it would undercut the PC market which is already declining. He gives five to six years for the PC market.

“In our view, the iPad Mini stands to target price-sensitive users and the e-reader crowd,” Moskowitz said in an investors note. “Our research indicates that the smaller size, absence of Retina display, and less storage capacity underpin the base model’s potential price point of $249,” he noted.

Apple Insider says the product may come in 24 different configurations, not necessarily 24 models. The SKU lists 4 models P101, P103, P105 and P107 which may include WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE and memory capacity in 8 to 32 GB. Let’s wait and see!

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