Apple Event Today to Launch iPhone 6S, Apple TV and New Siri

Come September, Apple fans wake up to the annaul event of new launches by the tech giant whose iPhones and iPads get rejuvenated with new models hitting the shelves and this time Apple is expected to launch a new Apple TV system and a refurbished SIRI personal assistant that can be handy in homes of all with its voice-activated features.

Apple is riding high on its last year launches of iPhones, iPads, digital wallet, smartwatch and all running on its improvised Operating system iOS. This time, besides devices even the software updates to its existing OS and to its digital assistant software SIRI are on the cards, according market analysts.

With all eyes on SIRI this time, Apple’s master strategy this time is to focus on expanding the use of SIRI in homes, cars, with the interactive features bringing in more features to make digital devices ‘smart’ and ‘smarter’.apple

Since all the major players like Google, Samsung and Microsoft are busy on interactive and Wi-Fi connected smart homes and cars now, Apple has to take a plunge ahead of them to keep its leader position in tact and today’s event will showcase the prowess of the Steve Jobs legacy in Apple’s mega-event on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Apple sold a record 183 million iPhones in the nine months since releasing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and reports said that it has ordered 90 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus devices this time.

New iPhone 6S Features:

One feature sure to get integrated in the iPhone’s forthcoming version iPhone 6S is “Force Touch” that enables dual functions with tap and prolonged touch. While a tap will trigger some functions, “Force Touch” with prolonged touch will generate new functions. Already introduced in Apple’s Smartwatch and latest Macs, it will be revealed integrated in the upcoming iPhone 6S.

In addition, a faster processor, higher resolution cameras and new colors and sleek design are on the platter for Apple fans this year, according to analysts. New iPhones will be equipped with iOS 9 operating system, according to some analysts and Apple may announce free update facility to its old users.

While the demand for iPads is considerably low in the last one year, Apple may change the utility value of it for businesses and medical professionals now. Apple is currently working on new features to integrate with iPads and give them a new software look with simultaneous use of two apps and offering mini-screens within the big screen for watching videos or scores at the same time.


Apple has been working on a new design for its Apple TV strengthening its set-top box with new specs for use with latest apps and games, plus SIRI-based interactive and voice-controlled commands to search for shows and sports scores on the screen instantly.

Even calling for new music videos is expected to be part of the new announcements. Apple TV may offer a new Video on Demand service giving a tough competition to Netflix.

However, TV’s set top box can now be remodelled to become a Home-controller with commands to control lamps, thermostats and kitchen appliances, using Apple’s HomeKit technology.


SIRI, the digital assistant on Apple devices will revolutionize Apple TV, new iPhone, and Smartwatch. Home-friendly features such as setting up automation at home, turning on and off of lights and applicances and speaking to the devices for an alarm are some features. On the software front, Siri is expected to offer new services such as alerting the user about the surroundings, nearby restaurants and street destinations. Essentially, new SIRI will have all those features offered by Apple rivals like Google, Samsung and Microsoft at one place.

Apple orders supply of 90 million iphone 6s, 6s plus devices from China.

Apple orders supply of 90 million iphone 6s, 6s plus devices from China.


While Apple may announce some updates on battery front, a new feature that is attracting the attention of late is that it may provide transit directions in major cities such as London and New York, especially about the subway entrance exit options for users depending on where they are standing. Once they are on streets, it will guide them to reach either their destinations or give them a host of options on where to go depending upon their habits and frequent visits to places around a particular area.

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