Apollo Doctor Develops OncoCollect Software for Standardising Cancer Treatment in India

In its pursuit to develop medical software nearer to track ongoing treatment of patients, Apollo Hospitals Oncology department under Dr Ramesh Nimmagadda has developed a cancer tracking software called OncoCollect.

The software helps doctors to keep track of their patients and their response to treatment for cancer, in line with similar software developed recently to track tuberculosis (TB).

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Canada-returned Ramesh Nimmagadda, who developed the software, said instead of depending on foreign doctors for guidelines and protocols, Indian doctors can use the software to provide India-centric treatment as many Indian patients are less tolerant for toxicity and show more side effects.

The software will help collect more information from Indian patients and help doctors develop more localized treatment for their patients. Doctors need to enter the medicine regimen and report side effects, toxicity and survival periods and relapses. The data is gathered easily on All-India level, he said.

The software will be provided to doctors for free and for its effective use, they have set up Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation which will provide assistance while using it, he said.

The software will collect data across the country and helps doctors to devise a more efficient and error-free treatment standards for cancer, he pointed out. It also helps assess the cost side of the treatment to help policy makers on cancer treatment expenditure. However, the identity of both patients and the doctors will be anonymous when the data is pooled.rn

Moreover, response to drug is also hugely dependent upon ethnicity and the response to a particular drug may vary in its results and effectiveness from one region to the other.

Already, there is a Lymphoma Registry established to understand the clinical, pathological and treatment patterns in lymphoma patients since August 2010.

For effective use of the software, “we have set up the Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation. The software will be given free of cost and we will also provide assistance in using it,” said Dr. Nimmagadda.

The Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation has been addressing all cancer issues, including its main aim to develop a software for uniform data collection across the country (Demographics, Treatment, Toxicity, Response, Recurrence, Survival, Costs) and make it available free of cost to all the institutes in the country treating Cancer.

Besides providing the software free of cost, the foundation will help to support providing data entry personnel, wherever required and support the hospitals in data analysis.

More than 8 lakh cases of cancer are reported in India. The OncoCollect software is developed for all cancers and lymphomas except blood cancers.

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