Another Leap in Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Siberian Holes Surface from Nowhere


Siberian Hole (Photo from –

Two massive craters in Siberia recently this year have triggered wild imagination of people who called them “End of the World” holes but scientists believe they are linked to the world’s most intriguing and mysterious “Bermuda Triangle”.

The Siberian Times reported on Oct. 10 revealed this link citing scientists from the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics in Novosibirsk whose findinga are published in Science in Siberia journal explaining the raison d’ etre behind it as the heat from above the surface due to warm weather and equally similar heat from beneath due to geological fault lines, which together led to a release of gas hydrates and hence, the crater holes in Siberia.

“The main element – and this is our working theory to explain the Yamal crater – was a release of gas hydrates,” scientist Vladimir Potapov said. “There are gas hydrates both in the deep layer which on peninsula is several hundred meters down, and on the layer close to the surface.”

Gas, such as methane, trapped inside the gas hydrates, similar to those gas hydrates supposed to be the source behind the strange occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle. Here is the link in similarity, they said.

Supporting it further, Igor Yeltsov, the Trofimuk Institute’s deputy head said: “There is a theory that the Bermuda Triangle is caused by gas hydrates.” He then goes on to explain that the decomposed methane ice turns into gas in an avalanche-like situation creating sort of a nuclear reaction, producing huge amounts of gas. The gas makes the ocean heat up and ships sink in waters which are infused with huge amounts of gas. Same reason make air supersaturated with methane, creating an extremely turbulent atmosphere, leading to aircraft crashes.

The Yamal and Tamyr craters are thus “distant relatives of the Bermuda triangle.” In fact, the large hole is located less than 20 miles from the natural gas processing center at Bovanenkovo, and was discovered in July. The other two were discovered few days later.

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