Angry wife cuts husband’s genital first at home, next in Hospital

The police in China have arrested a woman after she severed her husband’s genital a second time and threw it out of the window of the hospital where he was admitted after she cut it the first time following the discovery that he had been unfaithful, media reports said Wednesday.

Fan Lung, father of five children, had used his wife’s mobile phone to send erotic messages to his 21-year-old lover, Zhang Hung, according to Chinese news portal Ying Xiang.

In a slip-up, Fan, 32, forgot to sign out of the account he was using to send the messages and his wife discovered his secret.In a state of fury, the wife, named Feng, used a pair of scissors to cut off her husband’s reproductive organ while he was asleep.

He was rushed to a hospital in the central province of Henan where doctors reattached his member.However, Feng entered the hospital with a pair of scissors and cut it off once again and threw it out of the window.Doctors and policemen unsuccessfully searched for the lost penis.

Fan, who lost a considerable amount of blood, is reportedly in stable condition after undergoing another operation but remains emotionally distraught.Fan’s lover, however, still plans to marry him.(IANS)

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