Andy Coulson, News of the World Ex-Editor ‘Attacked’ in Prison Within 48 Hours

Andy Coulson, former editor of “News of the World” and the British PM aide briefly, was attacked while in prison and injured by a fellow prisonmate, raising eyebrows on his safety.

Coulson was put inside the Belmarsh jail on July 5, and on the second day of his internment, reports said that there was an attack on him despite it being a Category A prison in London.

The intention was unclear as the attacker was, in fact, a criminal, who made it to the crime pages of the News of the World, once edited by Coulson before it was closed. The newspaper belonged to the Murdoch group.

Coulson, 49, was attacked in the association area inside the jail. He was reportedly attacked with bare hands and his glasses were knocked off in the rough up, said initial reports.

While Coulson reportedly preferred not to complain to the prison authorities, it was going to be a harsh period for the former editor behind the bars for the next 18 months.

Coulson is on trial for conspiracy in connection with phone hacking at the Old Bailey and was also accused of perjury at the trial of politician Tommy Sheridan. He will appear at the next hearing in Sheridan case on 6 August.

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