AnandiBen Patel is the first woman Chief Minister of Gujarat

Anandiben_PatelToday Anandi Ben Patel sworn in as Chief Minister of Gujarat.Gujarat Governor Kamala beniwal made AnandiBen Patel sworn in as chief miniter of Gujarat.

She is the first woman chief minister in the political history of Gujarat.

AnandiBen Patel worked as school teacher and entered into Gujarat politics in 1987.

She also served as Revenue miniter.She played an important role during Keshubhai and Modi times. Indian exress Newspaper quoted her as the most influencial woman.
Along with AnandiBen Patel, many other ministers took oath.

Prime  minister candidate Narendra Modi, BJP leader Rajnath Singh, L.K Advani,Nitin gadkari and many other senior leaders attended the sworn in ceremony.

Anandiben Patel was born on 21 November 1941, in Kharod village of Vijapur taluka of Mehsana district, Gujarat. She joined Bhilvai College in 1960 and was the only girl in First Year Science in entire college. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Visnagar later. She joined Mahila Vikas Gruh for the upliftment of women as her first job. She taught vocational courses to more than 50 widows.

She joined as a school teacher in Mohniba School Vidyalaya in 1970. She was teaching subject like science and mathematics to higher secondary students. She later on became principal of the school.

Anandiben patel was elected to Rajyasabha from Gujarat in 1994. As an MP, she participated in the Fourth World women’s Conference at Beijing (China) in 1994-95 representing India. She also Visited Bulgaria with the Leader of Opposition Atal Bihari Vajpayji and speaker of the Loksabha – P.A. Sangma. ¬†(Wikipedia)

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