Amrita Medical Institute Conducts Successful ‘small bowel’ transplantation

Doctors at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi, Kerala have hit it again within a week successfully conducting a small bowel transplantation surgery for six hours on 37-year-old Seena Shojan of Irinjalakuda recently.

Shojan had undergone multiple ‘small bowel resection’ surgeries in the last six years as she had only 96-cm length compared to a normal 2metres or usual 5 to 6 metres of length required for anybody to survive. After reaching a critical stage in December, the patient had the only option to undergo transplantation surgery, doctors said.

The transplantation surgery conducted on January 5 in Kochi at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) taking the small bowel from an accident victim who was declared brain-dead. After the vistim’s family gave away the patient’s heart, kidneys, liver, small bowel and two corneas, the doctors performed the small bowel transplantation on Shojan, who was critical in need of a donor.

The surgery was successful, said doctors and she has been put on normal diet though it may take two more months for her recover to her normal stage. Currently, she is under regular monitoring by the hospital, said officials.

Another 45-year-old heart patient received the heart and another woman was transplanted with liver. The organ donation was done with the help of the Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS), the state government’s Nodal Agency for organ retrieval and sharing.

Amrita institute was in news recently with a successful hand transplantation in a victim of railway accident.

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