Amazon’s Kindle Fire gets 95,000 pre-order on Day One

Kindle Fire

On the opening day after the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, an estimated 95,000 pre-orders were made, according eDataSource, which tracks consumer purchases.

By analyzing purchase receipts received by email, eDataSource is able to estimate the daily orders places at major ecommerce sites as well as what products are being purchased.

Though this was one-third of what Apple’s iPad sold on the first day of hitting the market, Apple has made a headway into the tablet market where it was not reckoned before.

“eDataSource’s panel of 800,000 inboxes allows us to gain insight into eCommerce sales” said Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource. “Within hours we can get a read on hot product launches based on sales from leading eCommerce websites.”

Kindle Fire will be shipped from Nov. 15.

Amazon unveiled on Wednesday its new models of Kindle starting from the $79 non-touch Kindle Wi-Fi, the $99 Kindle Touch, and the $149 Kindle Touch 3G and the $199 Kindle Fire.

“Despite the higher price point, the Kindle Fire outstripped sales of the other three new Kindle units combined,” said eDataSource.

Despite the higher price point, the Kindle Fire outstripped sales of the other three new Kindle units combined, according to eDataSource’s estimate. eDataSource estimates that sales of the other new Kindle units totaled approximately 25,000 units during the same period.

Though the devices with accessories often rake in the profits when fancy new devices are sold, eDataSource said 27 percent of Kindles were sold with some kind of accessory, and Marware protective covers were by far the most popular accessory for the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire has already hit the tablet market and BlackBerry maker Rim has slashed the price of its Playbook

tablet to $200 while Apple is yet to react to the impact.

In April 2010, eDataSource estimated the number of iPad purchases to be 350,000 on the first day that product came to market. This compared to the 300,000 Apple subsequently reported for first day sales.


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