Amazon Launches Fire OS 4 ‘Sangria’ for All New Tablets

Amazon has unveiled the next generation of software called Fire OS 4 "Sangria" to power its Fire devices, including the all-new Fire tablets introduced on Wednesday. Fire OS 4 integrates software, content, and the Cloud to deliver Amazon services, including Family Library, Firefly, and free cloud storage for photos.

"When we think about Fire OS, we start with what matters to customers–ease of use and performance," said Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices. "Fire OS 4 improves in both of these areas, and deeply integrates software, content, and the Cloud to deliver services that are only available from Amazon, including Family Library, Firefly, and free cloud storage for photos."

The latest version of Fire OS, "Sangria," continues Fire OS’ content-forward user interface that enables fast access to books, songs, videos, and games and to open them with one tap rather than hunting through folders and apps. Fire OS 4 updates the visual design of the UI and adds family profiles so each family member can have their own individual email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, settings such as display brightness, bookmarks, spot in a movie, and game levels.

Fire OS 4 is based on KitKat and adds features to make it faster with specs like ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) which predicts the movies and TV episodes users want to watch and starts them instantly, and Smart Suspend develops a device-specific profile for when the tablet is typically not in use and proactively turns wireless off and on to deliver up to 25% more standby battery life.

Fire OS deeply integrates with the Amazon cloud to further improve performance and ease-of-use, to enable cross-platform syncing, and to power services that require more processing than is possible on a mobile device. Examples of new cloud services in Fire OS 4 include Family Library to share apps, games, audiobooks, books, and Prime Instant Video content with other members of the family.

Firefly enables to identify and take action on artwork, text, and audio instantly–available for over 100 million items; and free unlimited storage in Cloud Drive for photos taken on Fire devices. Fire OS 4 will be available on all latest 4th generation Fire tablets and will be available for all 3rd generation Fire tablets by a free software update.

Firefly will be available on Fire HDX 8.9. Fire OS 4 will be available on Fire phone early next year, said Amazon in a statement.

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